Sunday, September 23, 2012

Around the Dinner Table

As we are sitting around the dinner table eating beer-can grilled chicken and homemade mash potatoes, Youngest Son asks The Question "Well are we moving to Houston?"

The Dinner Table
As good love and logic parents, we responded with a question "Well, what do you want to do?"

Youngest Son honestly replied Yes and No to moving. The Yes reflecting wanting to be with Daddy. We then spent time discussing "it" as Oldest Son and I went for another helping of those delish homemade mash potatoes.

So, what are some of the things that made the No list supporting staying in Dallas?

  • Our house
  • Our neighborhood
  • Our temple
  • Our friends
  • The boys' school
  • "Our Life" (quoted from Oldest Son)

That is what "it" all boils down to ... we like the Life we have built in Dallas. That Life did not just happen. Commuter Husband and I have consciously sought out relationships with people, institutions and places to create this Life. If the measure of getting it right is happy, well-adjusted kids then we are there (for the moment anyway.) And, a Commuter Family lifestyle quickly and brutally wipes out much of that "take it for grantedness" (this is not a real word but it works here.)

The Vote. Interestingly, Commuter Husband votes for us to remain in Dallas as does Oldest Son. Youngest Son remains conflicted but leans toward staying in Dallas.

And how about Mommy with Commuter Husband (me)? Commuter Husband jokingly answers for me "Mommy wants to live in Nicaragua" ... he is actually not too far off ... so for now we will keep our address in Dallas and our Commuter Family status. But, as always, we will stay open to future opportunities. And so, Commuter Husband moves on to the mango pop-cycles for dessert and Youngest Son jumps up to clear the dinner table so they can watch the football game on TV...

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