Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Days 8-10: TexMex Road Trip 2015 is a Wrap!

Day 8 - Getting Out No matter What!

Monday morning in Artesia showed bright sunny skies but with lots of snow on the ground. The New Mexico (NM) road map showed every single route out of NM as CLOSED. Brother is a tenacious sort and was determined to find a way to Texas. Oldest Son and Brother did a scouting trip in the Creepy White Van at 11am and we concluded that attempting escape was reasonable.

The drive south to Carlsbad was not great but doable. We first tried Hwy 285 SW and it had a roadblock set up. We then went south on 180 but quickly hit a dead stop in a long line of vehicles as the police were stopping travelers. We doubled back to Hwy 285 SW and luckily, the roadblock was moved and traffic flowing through to West Texas. We were nervous until we hit Pecos, TX but we actually got there with little trouble.

We arrived in Fredericksburg at 9:20pm just in time to eat a hearty German meal at Der Lindenbaum.
So nice ... the wait staff welcomed our weary and hungry party of eight 10 minutes before closing time!
Oh Yeah!
Day 9 - The Perfect Texas Day

Tuesday was filled with lots of Texas fun! Brother rose early to wash the dirt off the Creepy White Van and we were ready to head to breakfast by 9am. We waited in a short line to eat at the Old German Bakery and to purchase chocolate croissants for down the road.
We feasted on eggs, bacon, German pancakes, potato pancakes, hash browns and hot coffee!
For the next few hours our group split. Commuter Husband, Oldest Son and I went to the National Museum of the Pacific War. The rest shopped and strolled the art galleries of Main Street of Fredericksburg, TX.
Spectacular art
Two hours was not enough time in the National Museum of the Pacific War. 
National Museum of the Pacific War had two full size WWII planes. This museum was engaging and a must see for anyone with interest in the topic. I will be returning to spend another couple hours!

Our next stop was Enchanted Rock. With the continuing theme of the road trip, we found ourselves stopped in a line of cars about 1/2 mile from Enchanted Rock entrance. It was clear we were going no where any time soon. SO ... we decided that Commuter Husband would stay in the Creepy White Van to wait in line while the rest of us hoofed it to the trail head. It was a cool and perfect day to climb to the Enchanted Rock Summit!
Our Loves: Youngest Niece (age 11), Nephew (age 18), Oldest Son (age 15), Oldest Niece (age 14), Youngest Son (age 13)
Add Aunt/Mommy/Sister and Uncle/Dad/Brother and some goofiness at the top of Enchanted Rock!

It took us about 1.5 hours to go up and then back down. JUST as we came down Commuter Husband was arriving at the entrance to the Enchanted Rock park in the Creepy White Van - oh my gosh!

We then went 20 miles north to Llano for Texas BBQ at Coopers - best in the state - yep.
Big ole glass of sweet ice tea!
Chicken and beef for our family of four! Oldest Son and Youngest Son appreciate their meat and lots of it!

The Grand Finale for the day and for TexMex Road Trip 2015 was ... ready for it ... Willie Nelson at Austin City Limits!!!!! The entire show was enjoyable and memorable. I loved the whole evening.

Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real opened with several songs. Lukas Nelson is Willie's 27 year old son and he is a fantastic musician and song writer. Then Willie Nelson's two daughters sang and played hilarious original songs. The lyrics from several of the songs from both groups were adult rated thus the teens in our family thought this was humorous.

The official opening act was Kacey Musgraves. She is a talented singer and song writer from Golden, Texas. Her set was flashy, she was friendly with the crowd and she brought her rescue dog into the act. Our tweener was especially taken by this young entertainer; I think the dog and her final song being "These Boots are Made for Walking" with lit up boots sealed that deal!

Willie Nelson then took the stage with both his sons as part of the Family band. I feel privileged to have seen Willie Nelson. He is an inspiration on so many fronts.

Limited Edition numbered poster. Purchased.
Willie Nelson, age 82. Phenomenal.
Willie Nelson signed autographs at end of show. His sons, Lukas and Micah, are next to him on guitars.
And at 11:30pm on Day 9 we load up in Austin and head back to Stephenville, TX. Brother and family are dropped off at 2am on what is now Day 10.

While making the final two hour drive to Dallas at 3am this morning, we see flashing red and blue lights behind us. We are pulled over by the police. I swear it was because of the Creepy White Van!!

And to sum up the trip: Oldest Son jokingly described me as "stupidly optimistic" at the concert. I will take that as a total compliment ...

The End.

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