Monday, October 20, 2014

Poland - A Saturday Morning in Warsaw Ghetto

New experiences in a new place. I have learned much already about Warsaw, Poland.
The day started with Cafe Latte, European (Bircher) muesli, fresh fruit, local cheeses and hearty bread. The foggy view out the window is the Place of Culture and Science which was a "gift from the Soviet People to the Polish nation" and was completed in 1955 during the Communist rule of Poland.

I could write a week of posts about Poland's Warsaw Ghetto. It felt surreal to learn about what was ...

Janusz Korczak (pen name Henryk Goldszmit) memorial. Korczak was a great proponent of children's rights and operated an orphanage as well as being a children's book author and pediatrician. 
Korczak along with 192 Jewish orphans perished at the German extermination camp Treblinka.
Prozna Street only standing street left of the Warsaw Ghetto which was leveled by Nazi forces in late WWII. 
Built in 1902, Nozyk Synagogue was used as warehouse by the Nazis thus saved from destruction. It was restored and reopened in 1983 as a place to worship.
Prozna Street: Restored side.
Prozna Street: Unrestored side.
On the wall of Prozna Street: I think "never again" beside "kindess and truth preserve the king."
On the wall of Prozna Street: Remember.
On the wall of Prozna Street: You Live.
On the wall of Prozna Street: Life.
Warsaw Ghetto memorial showing the shape of what once was.
Where the ghetto wall stood ...
The Story of the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto.

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