Saturday, May 17, 2014

Two Weeks

The last two weeks have been over the top, crazy busy. The next two weeks will be the same.
I do not have the mental energy to itemize but here is the highlight reel ...

ATLANTA & QUIZ BOWL (last weekend) - Commuter Family goes to Atlanta!
Quiz Bowlers tour Turner Field before weekend series and attend a Saturday rainy night game. 
Quiz Bowlers play roof top B ball!
Quiz Bowlers doing their thing at Middle School National Quiz Bowl in Atlanta. Oldest Son and team make it to finals finishing at 19th out of the 128 teams qualifying for Nationals.

BIRTHDAY PARTY (Friday afternoon) 
Birthday Candles. Youngest Son has cookie cake for his 12th birthday - finally a party.
Birthday Swimming. Cold for me but not for them!
Birthday Basketball. Yes - that IS a port-a-potty for the remodel workers.
Birthday Games. When house is a disaster from remodel - roll the party in FRONT of house.

The remodel is a big ole added layer of stress. We have no television and have been living out of two bedrooms and one bathroom. Youngest Son and Oldest Son share this bottom bunk tonight to watch Doctor Who on an iPad.
Love seeing the two them truly share this simple joy.

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